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Android FreeNAS App Updated! mFreeNAS 7 is now OUT! (Update v2.1)

*****UPDATE: after receiving some requests to add the possibility to choose a different port than 80 I decided to implement this feature and publish an update for the application (v2.1).

Thank you for the feedbacks*****

As promised exams are finished and a new version of MobileFreeNAS is out … I had to republish a new app in the market due to signature problems… so make sure to download the correct one ( I will remove the old app as soon as I see the Active Installs drop ).

The app name is now mFreeNAS 7 and the icon/layout/ecc.. were improved. Check out the two new features ( System Info & HDDs Info ) and please provide feedback on new stuff you would like to see implemented.

Here’s the description and screenshots:

This application allows you to control your FreeNAS Server within your local network.
Supported features:
-Wake On Lan
-System Info
-HDDs Info

HTTP Support only
Tested on FreeNAS

Package: techwavedev.mfreenas7


Android 2.2 Tab Layout

This is a code example for a Tab Layout for Android (2.2 Froyo).

The code is pretty straightforward…

Each tab has its own layout file and activity already created and working. This should be a little step forward for those who are struggling to upgrade the basic tab code provided on the Android Dev Guide.

For each tab I am using a TableLayout within a RelativeLayout to better display content (I strongly recommend this structure).

Eclipse Project Download : Android_TabLayout (7935)



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